Hit The Road RV Summit 2 (2021)




Are you ready for your very best year of RV life and travel?

Grab your access pass to this virtual event where you will learn from this amazing lineup of more than 30 RV industry and RV lifestyle experts, sharing their best kept secrets, advice and top tips for RV life and camping in 2021.

Discover how to find the best camping destinations, rent or buy an RV, tackle RV maintenance, stay connected to the internet, work from the road, pick up tips for improving RV lifestyle and save money along the way.
You’ll find all this and much more in this 2-day, online event with over 16 hours of content and more than 28 speaker sessions, Plus real-life RV tours.

This event was held April 24-25, 2021.

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What exactly will you learn from the Hit The Road Summit?

  • What you need to know before buying or renting an RV
  • Tips for travel planning, where to stay, and how to find hidden gems
  • Your technology options for working remotely, and staying connected
  • Tips and top gear for saving money and enhancing your RV life
  • Lean how to succeed long term as an RVer
  • And Much More!

Course Curriculum

  Hit The Road RV Summit 2 (2021)
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"This summit is epic! Every single set of speakers has been great. Great work! Good information!!! Thank you!"

- Alina, RV Summit 1 attendee


  • Marc & Julie Bennett of RVLove (also your RV summit hosts)
  • Alyssa and Heath Padgett of RV Entrepreneur and heathandalyssa.com
  • Corey and Jessie Nickerson of FindingOurSomeday
  • Mike Sokol of RV Electricity
  • Chris Dunphy and Cherie Ve Ard of Technomadia and Mobile Internet Resource Center
  • Mike and Anne Howard of HoneyTrek
  • Aaron and Christine Willers of IreneIronFitness
  • Terry Cooper of National RV Training Academy
  • Patrick Buchanan of RV LIFE
  • Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi of RV Atlas podcast and blog
  • Mark Koep of CampgroundViews
  • Jessica Meinhofer of Exploring The Local Life
  • Erik McCauley of Livinlite.net and Mobile Must Have
  • Jeff Shelton of Wholesale Warranties
  • Larry MacNamara of Giant Recreation World RV
  • Tanya Zickefoose of Lippert
  • Al Cohn of PSI and TST Truck Technologies
  • Sandy Ellingson RV Industry Consultant
  • Bob Livingston of RV Enthusiast Magazine
  • Jesse Assay of Battle Born Batteries
  • Sharee Collier of Live Work Camp

"SO MANY good presenters and wonderful information. Even though we've been full-time RVers for four years now, we're still learning! Fantastic job!"

- Pat J, RV Summit 1 Attendee

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Your Instructor

Marc & Julie Bennett of RVLove.com
Marc & Julie Bennett of RVLove.com

RVers since 2014 and authors of the bestselling books "Living the RV Life – Your Ultimate Guide to Life on the Road", and RV Hacks – 400+ Ways To Make Life On The Road Easier, Safer, and More Fun!". We've traveled to all 50 USA States, Canada, Mexico. Done 20+ RV factory tours. And toured close to 1,000 RVs. We're known for quality, in-depth and unbiased educational content. Our focus on safety, resourcefulness, and positive attitudes. Oh, and for living and loving the RV life, no matter what it throws us! It's all part of the adventure!

"I cannot say enough about the quality of the presenters and the depth of the information they are sharing. This top notch summit is the product of many, many hours of thought, work, and care. Thank you so much for doing this and being selective in the people and topics you've chosen to educate the listeners. I'm looking forward to watching the remaining presentations over the next couple of days and then watching all of them again later on. Best wishes and many thanks!"

– Shelley Pitford, RV Summit 1 attendee